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Generator Maintenance service

The importance of preventive generator maintenance is evident: it enhances the availability and extends the life of your generator and helps to reduce the number of sudden failures. As a good maintenance plan can prevent expensive repairs, we always recommend carrying out preventive maintenance periodically. We can do it for you.


Generator maintenance planning

Maintenance work and measurements are carried out on the basis of a protocol, with all measurement results and data of the motors and generators being recorded in clearly structured inspection and test reports. This ensures that trends in the measured data and any anomalies can be detected at an early stage. Moreover, it is possible to make predictions on necessary maintenance and future repairs. EMRI is well-equipped to take care of all your maintenance work. The intervals and exact dates of these maintenance activities will be planned in consultation with you.

Maintenance work

If any anomalies are found, the following actions can be taken:
- Bearing replacement
- Motor replacement
- Laser alignment
- On-site overhaul

Generator dissambly and reinstallation

Occasionally the machine may have to be transferred to the EMRI repair workshop in Ede for maintenance. In that case we can take care of disassembly and reinstallation of your machines on site.