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Generator Rewinding

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Generator Rewinding

In-house, Experience and knowledge.

Rewinding is traditionally one of the core activities of EMRI Repair. Over the years the company has built up a great deal of experience and professional competence in this area. The combination of professional skill, modern technologies and high-quality materials are our success factors for continuity and guaranteed quality.


Latest equipment and computer controlled winding benches**

What we do:

  • Rewind generator
  • Rewind electric motors
  • Rewind DC machines
  • Rewind AC motors
  • Rewind rotors / pole wheel armatures
  • Rewind turbo rotor armatures
  • Rewind high-voltage machines
  • Rewind transformers
EMRI Generator Rewinding

Special winding techniques

Form-wound coils of profiled wire, as used, for instance, in DC machines or larger generators, are manufactured in-house. In addition, EMRI has winding benches with which rotors can be wound directly onto the pole shoes. Repair of iron cores is also part of our capabilities. Thanks to all these facilities and specialisms we can achieve very short delivery periods.

Every overhaul is closed off by an extensive test at our test field.

We can guarantee you, and you can be assured, that your machine is fully ready for operation again.

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