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  • E-DAY

    EMRI E-DAY 15-11-2018

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  • New VPI Installation EMRI Repair B.V.

    Last month is at EMRI Repair B.V. a Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) installation commissioned in Ede.

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  • EMRI is nominated for the best corporate environment overall

    EMRI is nominated from 6000 companies as a company with the best business climate

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  • Lloyd's certificate for our LXCOS Automatic voltage regulator

    The EMRI LXCOS voltage regulator received the Lloyds quality mark

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  • The new EMRI Electrical Safety Tester

    Check the safety and reliability of your power distribution systems quickly and easily

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  • Peakyear for EMRI

    Record number of trainees in 2017

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  • New excitationpanel

    Designed and manufactured by EMRI

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  • EMRI AVR Nozero for Stromberg generator

    EMRI have designed and manufactured replacement AVR with the EMRI NOZERO static exciter.

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  • Podium finish for the HAN solar boat

    The Solar boat team of the HAN (University of Arnhem and Nijmegen) finished in third place in the A class of the Dutch Solar Challenge 2016, held last weekend.

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  • Caterpillar generator modification

    On request of our customer, who specializes in the rental of generator sets, we have modified thee Caterpillar generators. The modifications where done to easily switch the generator output voltage...

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