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  • Veel belangstelling voor de EMRI E-day

    We kijken met een fijn gevoel terug de EMRI E-day die bezocht werd door ongeveer 150 bezoekers.

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  • E-DAY

    EMRI E-DAY 15-11-2018

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  • EMRI company of the year 2018

    EMRI has been awarded as winner big business company of the year 2018

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  • New VPI Installation EMRI Repair B.V.

    Last month is at EMRI Repair B.V. a Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) installation commissioned in Ede.

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  • Lloyd's certificate for our LXCOS Automatic voltage regulator

    The EMRI LXCOS voltage regulator received the Lloyds quality mark

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  • The new EMRI Electrical Safety Tester

    Check the safety and reliability of your power distribution systems quickly and easily

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  • Peakyear for EMRI

    Record number of trainees in 2017

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  • New excitationpanel

    Designed and manufactured by EMRI

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  • EMRI AVR Nozero for Stromberg generator

    EMRI have designed and manufactured replacement AVR with the EMRI NOZERO static exciter.

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  • Podium finish for the HAN solar boat

    The Solar boat team of the HAN (University of Arnhem and Nijmegen) finished in third place in the A class of the Dutch Solar Challenge 2016, held last weekend.

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