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Electric Motor Overhaul

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Electric motor overhaul

In-house, Experience and knowledge.

EMRI Repair is specialized in electric motor overhauls. With more than 80 years of experience in the trade, a modern workshop and in house test facilities, your electric motor is in good hands. Moreover, we can achieve short turnaround times for rush jobs.


Standard Electric motor overhaul

  • Incoming inspection of motor and measurements
  • Dismantling the motor
  • Complete cleaning of all parts
  • High pressure cleaning of windings
  • Impregnation and drying of windings
  • Measure and check of windings
  • Measure and check of bearing seating
  • Cleaning of bearing house and bearing house covers
  • Renewal of bearings (DE and NDE)
  • Renewal of seals (DE)
  • Assembling of the motor
  • Check and tighten all connections
  • Overhaul of connection box
  • Perform electrical test
  • Dynamic behaviour test
  • Test report
  • Spray painting (outside)
  • Prepare for shipment
EMRI Repair Electrical Motor Overhaul

Type specific explanation

DC electric motor overhaul

A DC motor transfers electricity with carbon brushes and a collector from the rotor to the exterior. These usage of these parts has several concequenses.

The carbon brushes and collector are subject to wear. The wearing of the carbon brushes produces particulate matter, which pollutes the inside of the motor. Removing this carbon dust requires extensive cleaning. Furthermore, the carbon brush brackets have to be checked and if needed aligned or replaced.

The friction induced by the carbon brushes on the collector and the generated heat of use can damage the collector. During a DC motor overhaul, the collector is measured to ensure it is within factory specifications. If it does not meet the specification, the collector is machined down. After machining it, the grooves between individual lamellae of the collector are milled down.

Type specific explanation

AC motor overhaul with slip rings

The parts that need extra work on a slip ring motor are the slip rings itself, carbon brushes, carbon brush bracket and the rotorwindings. Because of the mechanical property’s of a slip ring motor, the particulate matter is less severe than on a DC motor, but pollution is still clearly visible.

Every overhaul is closed off by an extensive test at our test field.

We can guarantee you, and you can be assured, that your machine is fully ready for operation again.

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