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Generator Training - Basic knowledge
(1 day)

Generator Training - basic knowledge

As Experts in Rotating Energy we like to share our knowledge and competences of ​generators in the form of the training 'basic knowledge of generator technology'. Therefore we have a specially designed training area, where knowledge gained during the practical part can be tested with actual generators.

Generator training topics

The topics covered during the training, both in theory and during the practical part, are:
-  Principaloperation of the 3 phase synchronous generator
-  Construction of different types of generators
-  Different types of electrical loads
-  Principal operation of a voltage regulator
-  Connecting and adjusting a voltage regulator
-  Types of regulations that are encountered in the market
-  Generator company situations and related regulations
-  Single operation / Parallel operation / Mains parallel
-  Volt per Hertz / Soft start operation
-  Fault situations during operation

Tailor-made training

The training has been specially developed for anyone who comes into direct contact with generators or related installations in daily business, such as service technicians, operators or commissioners.

Coffee and tea is available during the training day and lunch will be provided.

After training

After following the training you will understand the operation of a generator and you are able to find and resolve faults. In addition to a unique experience and acquiring knowledge in the field of generators, the practical approach through testing on running generators makes the training extra valuable. A guided tour through our workshop, test stand and rewinding department reinforces the sense of understanding about generators.

In case you have special wishes regarding the content of the course, we are gladly willing to adjust the course accordingly.