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Generator breakdown

Shipping, offshore and other industries

24/7 Generator service

Regardless of the time and place, the trouble-shooting service of EMRI Services is available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day anywhere in the world to rectify breakdowns in the shipping, offshore and other industries, co-generation plants, emergency power supplies and generators for supplying energy in permanent or mobile installations.


24-hour trouble-shooting service

Generator breakdown

In our 24-hour economy there is no difference between day and night, workday or weekend. Machines, installations, means of production, energy systems, ships, drilling rigs and everything on which our world depends take no account of time and must keep on turning continuously.

Given this setting, few things are so inconvenient as a malfunction or breakdown of your machine, as this usually comes unannounced and occurs at the most inconvenient dates and times. Then it is reassuring to know that in such cases you can rely on the 24-hour trouble-shooting service of EMRI Services.

In the offshore industry, our list of customers includes the following reputable names:

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