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Mechanical work

Mechanical inspections and repairs are a standard part of our overhaul procedure. If inspection shows that tolerances of, for instance, bearing seating are exceeded, we can perform this type of mechanical repairs for you. For this purpose EMRI Repair has a mechanical workshop that allows us to carry out this work in-house and thus keep full control of your repairs.

Mechanical workshop

At our mechanical workshop EMRI can perform a wide range of welding work, including TIG and MIG/MAG. Moreover, our machining section can repair bearing seating and shafts in accordance with ISO standards. Bearing shells are repaired by spraying on a coat of liquid metal and turning them again to the correct tolerance.


Ceramic bearing seating

Current-isolated bearings are used to an increasing extent to prevent damage to the bearing by current flowing through it. As an alternative to such relatively expensive bearings and to avoid long delivery times, bearings seating (or bores) can be provided with an electrically insulating layer of ceramic material. This type of work is also carried out in-house by EMRI Repair.

Dynamic balancing

Vibrations may have harmful effects on your generator. To balance armatures, EMRI has several balancing benches, on which rotors can be balanced dynamically in accordance with ISO 1940 / VDI2060, class Q2.5.