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Testing automatic voltage regulators

Whenever a power supply breaks down, the voltage regulator of the generator is often identified as the culprit and replaced. This action may seem obvious, but in many cases it does not remedy the fault. And there are many reasons why a voltage regulator is replaced preventively.

As a result, many voltage regulators with an unreliable or unknown status often get stuck in a service system and are no longer available for use. For such voltage regulators a functionality test by EMRI Electronics may be the solution.


At our testing facility these voltage regulators are connected to a generator and submitted to full-function tests in all types of generator operation. Climate, temperature or vibration tests are also within our capabilities. The results of the functionality test are laid down in a report that is delivered along with the voltage regulator.


This functionality test provides decisive information about the actual status of the voltage regulators. Often the voltage regulator can be used again without any problem, sometimes a minor repair is necessary and occasionally the voltage regulator is rejected definitively.