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Caterpillar cdvr 314-7755 automatic voltage regulator

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Genuine Caterpillar CDVR AVR Automatic voltage regulator The Caterpillar Digital Voltage Regulator (CDVR) is a microprocessor based voltage regulator. The main purpose of a digital voltage regulator is to regulate the output voltage of a generator that is used with an engine generator set. Control power for the Digital Voltage Regulator is supplied from an external 24 DCV source. The power stage of the Digital Voltage Regulator can be supplied from a multi-pole, high frequency, permanent magnet generator (PMG),from the generator output (shunt excitation), or from auxiliary windings that are included on some generators. Connections to the Digital Voltage Regulator are made through three multi-pin, plug typeconnectors. The communication between the DigitalVoltage Regulator and a service tool is accomplishedusing a CANBUS protocol.

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