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The AVR is designed as a replacement for the R449, providing optimal flexibility and configurability as is reflected by the additional capabilities of the AVR.
Nevertheless installation, maintenance and adjustment don’t require special application software.
The AVR is protected from the environment by a PUR coating.

Mode of control:
– Volt per Hertz control
– Contstant voltage control
– Power factor control (PFC)
– 0-100% generator current control
– 0-100% generator voltage control
– Quadrature voltage droop for parallel operation
– Current control (Current limiting / Limited motor start)

– Generator phase loss & phase sequence
– AVR over temperature
– Generator over temperature
– Generator over voltage
– Generator over current
– Generator over excitation
– Loss of excitation during PFC
– Loss of current sensing during PFC
– User adjustable underspeed knee
– User adjustable over excitation current
– User adjustable generator current limit

– AVR Status LED
– AVR Status contact
– CAN bus

For more details of this Digital AVR, please download the manual

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