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Building EMRI EST

Building EMRI EST

EMRI Electronics is currently building five new electronic safety testers (EST’s). These are being built for a listed construction company and a company that sells and rents out generators. Both of these companies selected the full option version of the EST, which will allow them to: 

  • Test the inputs and outlets of their installations for interruptions
  • Test for short-circuits and detect crossed connections at low and/or nominal voltage
  • Test the trip-delay time, withstand and tripping values of the circuit breaker with an adjustable leakage current source
  • Test the resistance values of all separate conductors using an accurate 4-wire measurement to detect high or anomalous values
  • Test the insulation value between all conductors using a test voltage of up to 500 Vdc


The benefit of using the EMRI EST

  • High level of accuracy
    The EMRI EST never gets tired, stressed or distracted. Each piece of equipment is always 100% accurate and always provides you with 100% reliable and objective test results.
  • Ample testing capacity
    The engineers at EMRI Electronics write tailor-made test procedures so that any piece of equipment can be tested. The EST has enough internal memory to store 100 test procedures.
  • Short completion time
    The EMRI EST fully tests the equipment in around one minute. This is much faster than a manual test.
  • Digital recording of test data
    All test data is saved to a database, so afterwards it is always possible to check that everything was functioning properly. Furthermore, the regular saving of test data enables the identification of trends and the ability to respond to them promptly.
  • Simple reports
    If required, a report can be displayed and printed out after each test procedure. This can be used for your own administration or for external reporting.
Bram de Vreede
Bram de Vreede

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