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EMRI Electrical Safety Tester

Testing electrical equipment for rental purposes is a labour-intensive and thus costly process. The EMRI Electrical Safety Tester (EST) enables you to guarantee the quality, continuity and safety of your equipment. Making use of the EMRI EST will also ensure that your products meet the mandatory NEN3140 standard.



The EMRI EST sets a new standard in safety and reliability. The Electrical Safety Tester is used for thorough and automatic testing of mobile power distribution systems on all specifications required by law.

The EST features a number of unique aspects, including:

  • High accuracy
  • Full reproducibility
  • Ample testing capacity
  • Short completion time
  • Digital recording of test data
  • Simple reporting
  • Unique database of test results history for trend determination

Fully automatic testing

Usually labour-intensive tests are performed fully automatically by the EST, such as:

  • Testing inputs and outputs of the installations for interruptions, short-circuits and twists at a low voltage and/or the nominal voltage.
  • Testing the residual-current circuit breaker for disconnect time, hold and trip values by means of an adjustable current source.
  • Testing the resistances of all individual conductors, by means of an accurate 4-wire measurement
  • to detect high or abnormal values.
  • Testing the insulation resistance between all conductors using a test voltage of up to 500Vdc.

The EMRI EST is a valuable investment for owners and rental firms of mobile power distribution systems and cables. The EST is largely custom-built according to your preferences and is fully geared to your products and standards.


The following companies have preceded you in the purchase of a EMRI EST:

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  • Bredenoord
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  • Leliveld
  • TAO 

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