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The new EMRI Electrical Safety Tester

Do you also want to check the safety and reliability of your power distribution systems quickly and easily? It is possible with our EMRI Electrical Safety Tester (EST).

Generally, testing of mobile distribution devices is a very labour-intensive, and therefore expensive, process. However, the EMRI EST allows you to assure the quality, continuity and safety of your equipment, against minimum testing costs. The EMRI EST performs the tests automatically and with the utmost care, so that your power distribution systems will comply with all legal obligations for safe electrical operations as prescribed by the NEN3140 standard, with minimum effort.

The investment of an EMRI EST is quickly earned back, partly due to the highly efficient and user-friendly EMRI EST user interface. The complete test is carried out step by step using the EMRI EST interface. As a result, it is virtually impossible to forget a testing action or execute one incorrectly. Every test is always 100% identical to the previous one. All measurement values and test results are saved in an open source database. The test results can be checked under the ID and name of the object tested. Reports and analyses can be consulted from your company network at any time. The EMRI EST SQL database and software can be accessed by multiple systems, so you have maximum benefit from your ERP software and can make optimum use of the EST data.

The EMRI EST is robustly constructed and therefore very suitable for use at industrial material storage sites. The metal transport cage makes the EMRI EST suitable for use at temporary sites. The EMRI EST plug connections are of the highest quality and connected to the digital measurement and control system through four-point measurements. The use of four-point measurements guarantees the highest achievable reliability of the measurements. To facilitate testing of power distribution systems with cables without fixed connections, a specially developed 'Cable Box' is available for fast and reliable connection.

The integrated touchscreen with computer, combined with the integrated printer, can be used to print various types of sticker at the end of each test. The stickers can show your company logo, the test result (approval or rejection) and period of validity. In the case of a rejection it is also possible to have the reason for the rejection stated automatically on the sticker. This rejection information will allow an engineer to get started with the repair right away. Thanks to all these applications and possibilities the EMRI EST provides you with maximum cost savings for testing all your power distribution equipment.

The EMRI EST is a 100% Dutch quality product, with a user interface that is available in different languages. As an expert in electrotechnical applications, EMRI Electronics B.V. has brought together its vast knowledge and many years of experience in this unique product. Moreover, use has been made of the most advanced system techniques and components of the highest quality. As a result, the EMRI EST will certainly meet all your expectations.

The EMRI EST is a customer-specific product and can be fully customized to suit your preferences. Of course, this includes the option to integrate special functions such as testing lamps or transformers.

Would you like to see for yourself? You are welcome to test our EMRI EST demo model that is set up in our instruction room.