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Peakyear for EMRI

In 2017 a record number of more than 100 trainees fallowed our Generator Training. It seems that the global economic dip is now definitely behind us. Companies dare to invest again in training and education of the staff. Also the need for continuity in the professional knowledge of the electrical staff is recognized again.

Tailor-made training

The training has been specially developed for anyone who comes into direct contact with generators or related installations in daily business, such as service technicians, operators or commissioners.

The topics covered during the training, both in theory and during the practical part, are:
-  Principaloperation of the 3 phase synchronous generator
-  Construction of different types of generators
-  Different types of electrical loads
-  Principal operation of a voltage regulator
-  Connecting and adjusting a voltage regulator
-  Types of regulations that are encountered in the market
-  Generator company situations and related regulations
-  Single operation / Parallel operation / Mains parallel
-  Volt per Hertz / Soft start operation
-  Fault situations during operation

Do you also have interest in the course or if you want more information about this, please feel free to contact us.