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EMRI Voltage regulators

EMRI voltage regulators are high quality, durable and well priced. This line of voltage regulators consists of 1-on-1 replacement voltage regulators and universal voltage regulators.

    The EMRI LXCOS voltage regulator is the best alternative for the Cosimat N+, QPF, TF and SR AvK
    Read more € 1199.00
  • EMRI TO18/TO19 for AvK DIDB generator
    The EMRI TO18/TO19 is a replacement for the old A.van Kaick TO18 voltage regulator.
    Read more € 1879.00
  • EMRI KTX20 Automatic Voltage Regulator
    KTX20 Automatic Voltage Regulator of EMRI
    Read more € 1471.00
  • Taiyo ASC
    Taiyo ASC-32-4Z4 EMRI 1:1 fit
    Read more € 1922.00
    The EMRI KASR10 is a easy to use automatic voltage regulator, suitable for one- and three-phase ...
    Read more € 294.00
    The EMRI KASR20 is an easy to use automatic voltage regulator, suitable for single- and three-ph...
    Read more € 556.00
  • EMRI LX4 V3
    The LX4V3 400 Volt, 50 Hertz is a voltage regulator with several additional protections for gene...
    Read more € 870.00
  • EMRI LX4 V3 400 Hz
    The LX4 V3_400 is a automatic voltage regulator for 400 Hz 208 Volt application, suitable for av...
    Read more € 908.00
  • EMRI LX10.2
    The EMRI LX10 is developed for use in brushless generators
    Read more € 998.00
  • EMRI LX20
    The EMRI LX20 is developed for use in brushless generators and accurately controls the output cu...
    Read more € 1301.00
  • EMRI LX449
    The EMRI LX449 automatic voltage regulator is developed as a replacement for the R448 and R449 v...
    Read more € 998.00
  • EMRI 3TX20
    The EMRI 3TX20 is a extremely robust voltage regulator/ static exciter for excitation current up...
    Read more € 1471.00
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